Are Wood Countertops Expensive?

Wood possesses a beauty that only a natural wood can provide as it can be made into beautiful wood countertops. The look of the wood is something that you cannot get from any other materials for making the kitchen countertops which set it apart from the other materials. The most commonly used wood for making countertops include cherry, oak and maple. These woods are very functional along with being used for decorative purposes. Birch and Teak are also used for making countertops but they are softer than the other types of wood. If you are wondering are wood countertops expensive then the answer is no since the wood countertops are made with natural wood and hence the cost is relatively less than the other materials.

The different types of wood contract and expand differently and therefore these woods require different types or drying and seasoning so that you don’t have to face the problem of cracking and splitting. These woods also have different grain pattern so that they are provided with their unique look and characteristics. Some wood are better to lacquer and stain then others and will also produce different results that depends on the type of stain that is put on the wood. If you want a unique look for your wood kitchen countertops then you can paint the wood so that a unique feel and look is imparted to your kitchen as it can easily blend with any room of your house.

If you are thinking are wood countertops expensive then you should know that these are very affordable as you can make the countertop with the help of single block of wood or with many smaller wood pieces to form a countertop. A single block of wood imparts beauty to your kitchen and is often used for decorative purpose. The best part of using wood for your kitchen countertops is that it is stain and moisture resistant and look very beautiful. Wood kitchen counter tops comes at a price of $50 per square foot but that depends on the finish, type and other factors for making the counter top. So if you are thinking to opt for a natural looking counter top for your kitchen then this is the best choice for you and your family.

Wood counter top is the preferred choice for modern kitchen as it can be sanitary and long lasting. The finishing oils that are used like Danish oil, walnut oil and mineral oil are safe for the food products and it can preserve the wood surface well. The solid wood as a countertop material has the advantages such as aesthetic, functionality, durability, hygiene and price. So if you want to know that are wood countertops expensive you should know that it is expensive then laminate but is far less expensive than other materials like steel or tile tops, solid surface, granite and stone. The right kind of finish of these countertops depends on the type of usage and your personal preferences. If properly sealed and installed these wood countertops can last for a lifetime.

Kitchen carts are great for your kitchen! But How?

Being the center of your family’s day to day living, the kitchen is the most important area in any home. A beautiful and healthy kitchen is a great investment which yields benefits of health and happiness. A fully-functional, artistically admirable kitchen will surely draw both the guests and the family to the soul of your home and wrap them in the warmth of your pretty dwelling. As per a recent survey on, how critical is the role of kitchen when it comes selling or buying new homes, 41.6% of the people strongly agreed to the fact, kitchen is the most essential area when it comes to influential factors in buying and selling houses.

Ever wondered, what does it take to furnish a kitchen that inspires and comforts? It necessitates, a good floor plan, ample countertop task areas blended with style, adequate storage, cabinet accessories, practical appliances, Plumbing fixtures and lighting. Each necessitation so described has its own importance, but the work space tops the list.

When it comes to cooking meals and kitchen management, lack of sufficient work space can be really troublesome. Even the easy chore becomes full of hassle in short and congested work spaces. The solution to the workspace problem can be easily solved by using kitchen carts. Apparently, Kitchen carts are great for your kitchen, giving you the desired extra space.

Kitchen carts are great for your kitchen, but how? It is a cost-effective way to add space and style to the kitchen. Owing to the design quotient, the kitchen carts are great for your kitchen. The ones that feature a large counter top empowers the chopping, cutting and kneading activities, whereas the shelved kitchen carts provide a perfect storage. Some of the shelved kitchen carts come with wheels, making it easier to move things from one place to another. In fact, you don’t have to put any effort at all in relocating.

Apart from the basic designs discussed above, KITCHEN CARTS bring a multitude of other convenient features like dedicated can storage racks, area to hang towels, easy storage of spice caddies, etc. Yes, my dear friends with kitchen carts, whenever a recipe calls for some chardonnay, just reach down to the cart and grab it; rather than dredging down to the wine cellar.

Well, practicality is not the end of the benefits furnished by the kitchen carts. Thanks to the gorgeously rich materials from which these carts are crafted, bringing a very pleasing treat to the eyes. For example, you have a bright colored kitchen, a well-crafted wooden cart can be a great opinion. Planning for some more elegance, you can try kitchen crafts blended with wood and granite. If you are searching for some contemporary and sleek ideas, you can always opt for metallic kitchen carts.

Another question that needs to be answered is, Kitchen Carts are great for your kitchen, but from where to buy? The World Wide Web shelters large variety, you are just a click away. Search for some authentic service providers and order the best deal for your kitchen.

Factors to Consider When Installing Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher block countertops are a great addition to any kitchen’s decor. It is for this reason that the following factors have to be considered if the right selection is to be made.

The selection of a material to make butcher block countertops is a determining factor about their beauty and functionality. There are numerous types of wood that can be used in making the countertops. These include pine, alder, oak, hickory, cherry, ash, walnut, maple and birch. It is also desirable if a combination of two types of wood is used so that the desired effects are achieved. It is important to note that, if the natural color of wood is not attractive to the user, it is possible to stain it to a color that is suitable. It is highly advisable to see the countertop surface before making a selection to avoid regrets. This can be done at a contractor’s showroom or where the samples can be brought to homeowners premises for viewing.

Wood finish should also be selected carefully because different types of finishes result to different advantages and effects. An oil finish for example, lasts long and is desirable because it is safe to prepare food on its surface. It also ensures that the wood used in making the butcher block countertops is kept beautiful for long. This finish, however, requires a lot more maintenance so that the wooden surface is kept shiny.

A good finish for wood used for butcher block countertops is varnique because it does not require any maintenance to keep the surface shiny. One disadvantage from this type of wood finish is that meals cannot be prepared on their surfaces but on a cutting board to ensure safety.

The aesthetic appeal of butcher block countertops can be increased by opting for decorative edges over traditional square edges. While it can result to an increase in the total cost of the project, it enhances the kitchen’s looks. The beauty of countertops can be enhanced by selecting colors that cannot easily get damaged especially where children are present.

Due to numerous calls for environmental conservation, it is important to select wood that is harvested in an environmentally friendly way. This requires the selection of lyptus for making butcher block countertops because, once the trees are cut down, their stumps grow into other trees. It is important to avoid countertops made of wood that is sourced from areas that have been heavily deforested.

It is necessary to consider the fact that wood changes size depending on the prevailing temperature and humidity conditions. Due to this, wood to be used for making butcher block countertops should be delivered in advance before installation so that they can be allowed to adjust to the conditions present in the home.

The cost of material used in making the countertops should be considered. The material should offer value for money and service. Prices of wood are determined by their source, since locally available wood is cheaper than imports. They are also determined by the finish selected and the thickness of wood on the butcher block countertops.

Factors to Consider when Designing a Kitchen Island

The kitchen is a complicated space to design. Designing a kitchen island is even more complicated for home owners, considering that there is no set formula that they can depend on when determining the size of the island. While useful measurement guides are available, you can end up with an incredible plan by asking yourself several basic questions.

What is the function of the island? You must figure out what the main function will be even before you start determining the range you want or about smart storage options. While many islands have a side set for eating and another for cooking, you need to determine what your emphasis is. It can be preparation work, entertaining, cooking, eating, or cleaning. You may also opt to use it for just anything else. It is important to note that whatever you delegate to your island becomes part of the living patterns and the flow of working.

What appliances do you intend to have in your kitchen? If you choose to have integrated appliances, you must have spacing and function in mind. For example, if the island will contain the main dishwasher, you must figure out whether it will be to the left or right of the sink. If this will be the main preparation area, the compost, recycling and trash areas need to be nearby.

The size of your kitchen needs to be considered, as well. If your kitchen is large and the refrigerator is not close to the island, you may consider having a small under-counter refrigerator. A space for a hood or exhaust vent must be considered if you are installing a cook top. While a kitchen island cannot hold everything, it is important for your top 5 features to be included.

How much storage is needed? Most of the times, your kitchen layout will determine the amount of storage you need. For example, if there is space for many cabinets, island storage is not likely to be a priority. However, if it will be the main preparation area, appliances like a sink may come first. You also need to have a room for cutting boards and preparation utensils near the sink.

How high will the counter be? Determining your seating height is important, and the bar stools can be 36 or 42″ high. The advantage with the 42 -inch bar stools is that they offer more flexibility. However, you can design the island in two levels; the preparation area can be set lower while the dining side may be set higher for bar stools to be used with ease. The step in part can be used for electrical outlets. The 36-inch stools do not offer as much flexibility but they are a great option if you have an eating area that is defined.

A kitchen island that is well designed can be an incredible addition to your kitchen. The location and design of the island should reflect a good sense of planning and proportion. A good designer is one that will consider the overall kitchen décor, budget and space in all his work. This way, you will end up with an area that is picturesque and beautiful.